I put this out there last week and it sparked some interesting feedback on Twitter:


For those who don’t make it to the Big House on the regular, north is the student section or generally left on your TV, south has the flag pole.   For me I’m torn.  The greatest moments that I’ve seen in person are probably the Desmond catch on fourth down against Notre Dame in 1991 in the north, and the Desmond (‘91) and Woodson (‘97) punt returns against Ohio State that went to the south. 

A quick breakdown of huge moments by endzone, a big thanks to Craig Barker of The Hoover Street Rag:


  • Hello Heisman punt return vs, Ohio State 1991
  • Woodson punt return vs. Ohio State 1997
  • Denard first TD vs. Western Michigan 2010
  • Kip Taylor – first touchdown in Michigan Stadium 1927
  • Wangler to Carter vs. Indiana 1979
  • Henne to Manningham vs. Penn State
  • Forcier to Mathews vs. Notre Dame
  • Treezy UTL1 vs. Notre Dame



  • The Catch – Desmond vs. Notre Dame 1991
  • #BraylonFest vs. Michigan State 2004
  • Mercury Hayes vs. Virginia 1995
  • Harbaugh to Kolesar vs. Ohio State 1985

I know there’s a big recency bias so far – consider this a work in progress.

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  1. 1971 Touchdown Billy Taylor was in the south end zone.

  2. South end zone gets my vote.