1978 Michigan Rose Bowl Ring

Come on former Wolverines, these rings need to stop ending up on the eBay! This one’s priced at $3000 take it or leave it, Coach Bill McCartney’s 1980 ring sold for just over $2000 last year.

This one isn’t quite as pretty as the 1980/81 version although it appears as though the top is a likeness of old Michigan stadium, press box and all, although it could be the Rose Bowl as well as there’s no tunnel. On the downside, the designer dropped the ball on one side deciding to go with a cute bear sitting on top of Jan Stenerud’s helmet.

1978 Michigan Rose Bowl Ring


  1. Gotta agree with you, hate to see former players selling their rings. . . it’s sad. I know times are tough economically, but whomever is listing this ring must be pretty bad off (and hopefully not just some heartless, cheapskate).

  2. As a collector of authentic UM football items, I think getting items like this into the hands of those that appreciate them and would happily display them is better than storing them in some box in an attic where grandkids will throw them away. I’m convinced that those that appreciate their UM FB experience would not sell them unless they are in dire straights. Those that don’t appreciate it….shouldn’t have it in the first place. I expect a Boren ring to show up soon.

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  8. This is actually the 1978 Big Ten Championship ring. The 1977 had a maize colored stone with no M and the 1976 ring had a blue stone with a wolverine on it.

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