Wisconsin 48, Michigan 28.  That’s former Michigan center Stevie Everitt on the sideline near the end of the game—not pleased, not really looking too patient either.  That’s me too.


  1. I agree, losing sucks. I hate it. I hate listening to MSU and Ohio state fans after a loss, and the last few years have not been fun in that regard.


    Aren't you the guy in the maple street magazine who predicted 6 wins ? Or was it 5 ?

    Weren't a lot of people making similar predictions at the beginning of the year ?

    Wisconsin is ranked #5 in the country and while a lot of our wins have been pretty ugly, they have been wins. Progress has been made, although after watching the D today it's hard to remember.

    I understand people being upset, but we still have OSU and a Bowl game left, let's see if we can get something out of those 2 games at least.

    • Forgot to put this in, thought it was pretty funny:

      Someone's already looking for a new coach.

    • Greg from MVictors

      Duffy, I predicted 6 and Rich Rod gone but I think preseason W-L predictions are silly FWIW.

      • I agree pre-season predictions are silly, I guess my point is if Doc & Marty McFly showed up in their Delorean outside my house and took me to my August self to tell him we had 7 wins before Ohio State, I would of totally taken that.

        Watching the defense is gut wrenching though, or seeing the offense get blanked in a half. I try to console myself with thoughts that most everyone returns and Michigan will be healthier next season (knock wood).

  2. Seven wins is probably where this team should be right now BUT I do think people have a legitimate gripe when it comes to the defense in terms of scheming and coaching. Yes, overall our defensive players are young but from Game 1 to Game 11 our defense hasn't gotten progressively better i.e. the same tackling and assignment mistakes plus points allowed. That's what I wanted to see. In fact, the UConn game was our best game defensively and it's pretty much has gone all downhill from there (I consider the Purdue game a fluke for both the offense and defense due to the poor weather conditions). And I don't think anyone saw the kicking game become the disaster that it is right now. But I don't blame Rich Rod for that. I just think we don't have FG kickers who have the "onions" to play big time ball.