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Just a few shots from pre-pre-pre-game.  And for those out of town, the miserable day we had this morning turned perfect–sunny, a few clouds in the sky as of 5:30pm EDT.  Shots:

1 - rocket 1 
Rocket Ismail on the field, doing a video retrospective of the 1989 returns

1 - rocket2  Rocket even the recreated his celebratory prayer in the North end zone


1 - pig roast 1 - pigskin
The Beer Jarts Athletic Association unveiling the guest of honor at the pig roast.  That’s Jan Rishoi on the right literally holding the pigskin.  The event raised money for Breast Cancer research, well done.

01 - Closing Main St 
As promised, the authorities shut down Main Street at 5pm EDT sharp

1 - denard 
Denard warms up


1 - falk 
Jon Falk in the throwback gear near the locker room
1 - troyTroy Woolfolk with the dinged up right hand – but they say he’s ready to go

1 - blimp 
Love this shot – about 45 minutes before kick-off

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