What can you say?  A big time effort put down by Brandon Graham, and more evidence of how critical the quarterback is in this offense.  It was really tough to watch Minor walk out in sweats, and I’m not sure why Brown didn’t get the ball.  They had their chances.

Sights and sounds from during the 21-10 loss:

  • Where should I start?:
  •   Text your concerns  

  • Someone apparently used a text to this number to complain about the two ridiculously annoying and pickled Buckeye fans sitting behind me.  The gal was asking every single person walking up the aisle things like, ‘Do you know who’s going to the Rose Bowl?’ or ‘Do you know the score of the game?’.   Few actually reacted to her, but one guy responded to the latter question saying, “Yes, because I can read.”
  • Much of the talk after the game was about all the Buckeyes in the stadium during the game.  As frequent MVictors commenter Chris put it:
  • The idiots who sold all those tickets to the mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, inbred, sheep-f**ing, sweaty-yellow-t-shirt-wearing, PBR-swilling, wife-beaters from Ohio should NEVER be allowed anywhere near Michigan Stadium again. That was a freaking home game for tOSU.

    Listen, there are obviously exceptions to the rule – you have friends or family that are Buckeye/Spartan/Irish fans and you have them up for game, etc. -  but it went way beyond this Saturday.  That fact is that there are a certain number tickets in play for each game, and the interest was way down for Michigan fans.  I definitely didn’t have anyone bugging me for tickets.  Here’s a view down section 22 and 23, tickets that are certainly owned by season ticket holders or the athletic department:

ohio state fans

  • A few folks got a chance to break in the luxury suites:


  • Steve Schilling’s freakin’ loose shoe that cost Michigan a timeout in the first half:
  •   g2



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    4. I guess you’ve never seen what 30,000 Badger fans in the Metrodome looks like!