03. November 2007 · Comments Off on On the Grand Valley State loss · Categories: Archive 2007, Hoops, Michigan State

On the morning of the MSU game, I just saw on Sportscenter that Tom Izzo & company dropped their exhibition opener to Grand Valley State in 2 OT. Immediately ESPN put a graphic up drawing comparison’s to the Appalachian State debacle. A few quick takes:
– It is a huge upset, exhibition or not. My guess is that Izzo doesn’t like to lose at anything and teaches his players to take everything (practice, games, exhibitions) seriously.
– Upsets in hoops really don’t scale to football for a many reasons. There’s only five guys on the court at a time, and one hot hand can make the difference in almost situation. Look no further than one of the greatest Spartan teams of all-time, Mateen Cleaves’s 2000 championship squad. They lost an early season game to Wright State.
– If you see any idiots wearing Appalachian State gear you have full license to fight stupid with stupid by asking them where you can get some GVSU gear.
– The net? This “upset” is not even close to the level of the Appalachian State loss.