A few more from Tampa:

Media Gift.  The players’ bowl gifts are well publicized.  The media typically get a little something at these games as well FWIW.  The Sugar Bowl offered up jackets.   The Outback Bowl gave out a set of four rocks glasses and a mini leather pigskin, not bad:


Rolling through the rolls of photos, a few more from the game.


8 - cheerleader hurts

 8 - Gardner no helmet

 8 - kickoff

 8 - m footballNot exactly Gameday material.  As if the 20,000 different shirts, hats, pins, etc. didn’t have the “Michigan Football” message covered

8 ace gone Ace says see ya

8 denard argueWhat?   What?

8 Denard ClowneyBig Clownin’ meets Denard

8 denard lead


8 pee weePee Wee taking on blocks.  Roh takes an elbow to the monobrow


8 Denard spins

 8 game winner 1Part 1: The game winner :(

 8 game winner 2Part 2


8 pigskin gardner  8 shoe string

 8 TD passGallon go-ahead TD pass in flight 

8 treezy

 8 joe reynolds


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