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In the chaos on the field after the game I couldn’t help but get a little choked up and I wasn’t alone.  What can you say about Saturday?   You saw world-class athletic talent one minute and Pop Warner-esque blunders the next.   You got to see some of the guys who endured the past three painful years shine, defeat the hated Buckeyes and win eight times this season in front of classmates, families and fans.  Every emotion you can think of in three and half hours of play.  As I watched the last few minutes play out I kept thinking that it almost had to be this way to finally overcome the Buckeyes. 

A few game notes:

  • Accolades were abound in Hoke’s postgame presser but no one mentioned Gibbons.  That kick was CLUTCH.  Sure, you are supposed to make kicks but no one makes a peep until you miss.
  • Speaking of the postgame presser, Molk was so impressive.  Give it a watch if you have a moment.  mgo-transcript.
  • Fickell made a few strategic blunders IMO.  First, at the end of the half, Denard went down with your run-of-the-mill rubber pellet in the eye.   We had a second down, deep in U-M territory with a minute and a half left and a cold Gardner in the game.  Fickell had all three timeouts left.  He should have used 2 of them to force a punt and try to set up a field goal.   He also punted inside when they had the ball inside the Michigan 40 on fourth and and about four in the second half.   Don’t get that but whatever.
  • You know it was a long stretch when the worldwide leader can’t get it straight.  Commentators kept confusing/blending the Ohio State win streak of 7 games and the year Michigan last beat the Buckeyes (2003), which of course was eight years ago: 2004
  • Sap gave the crowd big props and yes, it was loud at times but dead silent at others.  I think at certain moments everyone in blue was nervously biting their nails.  It was loud at the end of the game for sure and yes, the piped in music helped.  Eleven Warriors:

    4. "Sweet Caroline"? "Don’t Stop Believin’"?   Nice traditions you’ve got there.  I didnt think anything could make the car keys thing less embarrassing. I stand corrected.


  • What?  Screaming “CHEAP PERFUME…!” isn’t cool anymore? * 

    *  Press box cookies came strong (even got the handle on the correct side:)



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    1. Great coverage and insight of the OSU game. Interesting that Gibbons big FG did not get more press.