Bo’s watch shows when toe meets leather outside Schembechler Hall (MVictors photo)

Folks, around the holidays I usually post my annual ‘gift list for Michigan Fans’.  I do this to direct the loved ones of those who frequent this site to stuff respectable to wear/carry/read in 2016 and beyond.

This year my man Shashi Mara, the creator of the Wolverines Collection (the epic Swiss timepieces you’ve seen on this site in the past) and available at the M Den’s Victors Collection, came to me with a new line a timepieces.  That’s right, I said timepieces.

Why a new line?  He received a ton of demand for a new line of high quality Michigan watch to reach a broader set of the Meechigan fanbase…and thus the HAIL line was created.  On top of that, he’s giving a portion of HAIL sales to support scholarships for future Wolverines.

Long story short, Shashi asked me to help launch his new line.  I accepted provided he let me permanently “borrow” one of these beauties (dude, I’m torn between the Valiant and the Khaki and Steel!)   He put together a limited number of the following bundles, which include a free strap:

Valiant ($249, 12 bundles available) – black steel case, 3-hand dial, with a black silicone strap and a free black & grey military/NATO strap (same as seen on 007 in the new Bond film):

Valiant MaraWatch Hail

Khaki & Black($279, 24 bundles available) – black steel case, 3-hand dial, with a ‘khaki’ strap (in honor of #4) and a free black leather strap:

Khaki Black MaraWatch Hail

Khaki & Steel($299, 25 bundles available) – steel case w/ big date dial, comes with ‘khaki’ strap (in honor of #4) and a free maize and blue leather strap:

Khaki Steel MaraWatch Hail

GO BLUE” – ($249, 35 bundles available) – black steel case, 3-hand dial, with a blue silicone strap and a free black silicone strap:

Go Blue MaraWatch Hail Black Blue

Would love to know what you think!  And if you can’t wait, they are available at M Den stores now.

Thanks Shashi and Go Blue!

Best deals of the year from Moe’s!

by Steve “Dr. Sap” Sapardanis

It was on this day (November 24) in 1973 the Ohio State Buckeyes performed one of the most heinous acts in any rivalry, in any sport – they went after the sacred GO BLUE M CLUB SUPPORTS YOU banner.
If you aren’t aware of this, or have been living under a rock, I have created a YouTube Video that documents this act, one which legendary broadcaster Bob Ufer decried that the Buckeyes “will meet a dastardly fate here for that!”

When the Buckeyes returned in 1975 word was that Woody wanted to do it again, but this time the Michigan Students were ready.  The Buckeyes decided that discretion was the better part of valor, so no dastardly shenanigans ensued.

Recently, I was doing some work for the Ufer Family and I stumbled across a video that was labeled “1973 OSU Banner.”   Curious to see what it was, I popped in the videotape only to see that it was NOT the 1973 OSU Banner Incident.  The short clip is what I call, ‘1977 OSU Banner Incident Part 2.’   As I watched the tape I noticed that a few Michigan Students wearing their M varsity jackets were indeed fending off Woody and his Buckeyes.  There were some serious haymakers being thrown as things got downright ugly. Ohio State players and coaches got involved, even the fat-man himself, old Dr. Strange Hayes, was part of the melee.  Check it out!

The more I looked at the video, the more fixated I became on one student who seemed to be exhibiting some very sound blocking fundamentals and technique. At the end of the video, I got the somewhat blurry money-shot of the courageous M Man. Much like the old Bigfoot Bluff Creek video footage from the 1970s, the image was grainy but I could make out some defining features and characteristics of the subject.

Light brown, mullet length hair. Possibly a goatee with a mustache. Tough looking dude for sure…

..could it be this guy?

Dave Gallagher

It couldn’t be?!   That’s former M man All-American Dave Gallagher who graduated in 1973 and who I believed was playing in the NFL in 1977.   Or was he?

When I double-checked his NFL stats, I noticed that there was a one-year hiatus in his career…in 1977!

I recently tracked down Dr. Gallagher and asked him if he indeed was the Buckeye Banner basher dude.

His response?  “Yes I was,” he told me as I could hear him proudly smile over the phone.

My suspicions confirmed, I needed to find out more.   Not only was it Gallagher, former Michigan teammates Doug Troszak and Tom Drake also donned their M Jackets to thwart Woody and company one more time.

“I bought tickets and I told them (Troszak & Drake) that we were going to defend the banner,” the 1973 co-captain told me.
“We stood in front of the banner as a warning to Woody and them,” he recalled.

But the Ohio State players and coaches paid no heed to #71’s warning as they headed right for the M Club banner that fateful day in 1977.

Push came to shove and next thing you know, even Woody started throwing some punches himself!

Don’t believe it? See for yourself:

Woody Hayes banner incident 1977Photo Credit: Alan Bilinsky (Michigan Daily) via U-M Bentley Historical Library

Here’s the caption from the Daily:


Yup – that’s Woody Hayes already grabbing Gallagher with his right hand and clenching his left fist about to show the former Michigan Captain how much the old man still had in his left hook.

Now remember, all this happened before the Wolverines took the field! After cooler heads finally prevailed, Gallagher emerged with a bloody nose and ready to grab his #71 jersey one last time!

The first Michigan coach to see what was going on was Freshman Coach Dennis Brown. He relayed what had just transpired to the maize and blue waiting in the locker room and you can only imagine how fired up they were to take the field in 1977!

Michigan took down Woody and his Scarlet and Gray Test-tubes that day, 14-6, to win the Big Ten Title in 1977, but Dave Gallagher got one more souvenir from his last skirmish with the Scarlet & Gray.

“At the end of the year, the Michigan Football team held a players-only banquet and I was the only non-player invited to the event. The 1977 team gave me a plaque commemorating my involvement in defending the banner that year.”

Where Ufer Laid Woody Hayes Away
Woody says, “Don’t give this to Bo!”
Woody’s message for you Poindexters


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"I like your stickers!" "I like YOUR stickers!!" "Are we best friends now?"

“I like your stickers!”
“I like YOUR stickers!!”
“Did we just become BEST FRIENDS???”

I don’t like the saying “playing with house money” because you need to reset expectations when things go well for you.  Things are going well.  We have a pretty good team with a lot of flaws, but we’re good enough to play mediocre and beat up a capable team on senior day on the road, and in doing so swept our B1G road schedule.  Well done.  I’ll take that but my eyes are on a bigger prize.

While a trip to Indy seems a longshot let’s see where the chips fall.  Beat the Buckeyes and I think we get a good look at one of the at-large bowl games or better.  If we go to the Fiesta Bowl I say we take a pilgrimage to Camp David and and grab a few of those fancy chocolates.

On Business.  Handle your business!  Props to Dantonio for out-toughing and out-coaching the Buckeyes down in the snake pit.  You can’t count on anyone else to do your dirty work.  And I think this explains a lot: I confirmed that these guys were in charge of protecting Urban Meyer’s brain:


Non-Conformance – Penn State fans can sure do a white out, no doubt about that.  Here’s the last meager attempt for a Big House maize out:


I’ve heard lots of excuses why Michigan doesn’t execute maize-outs very well, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing.  The fact is Michigan fans don’t really care to conform and that’s ok.   As my man Craig wrote, “one tribe, many clans.”

And speaking of the white out, keep in mind you had an all white-crowd cheering for the team donning blue…alongside M fans chanting ‘Go Blue’ to root on the team clad in all-white.

Uniform Timeline – Stickers are still out of control but methinks they must have pressed pause on guys like Peppers who have them creeping up toward the wings in front.  Bless you if so. We’ll know for sure next week.

Mood – 88; great opportunity Saturday to take down the Bucks and as I said, we’ll see what happens.



Michigan won this game due to coaching and finishing drives, and the two were inextricably linked. Both teams had one touchdown from outside the red zone, Michigan’s a 26-yard pass from Jake Rudock to Jake Butt before PSU responded with a 25-yard fade to Saeed Blacknail. The Wolverines converted all three* of their red zone chances into touchdowns. Penn State also had three, but ultimately settled for three field goals, stymied by a stout Wolverine defense and their own conservative playcalling.


Go Blue!


Lewis return

A big win in Happy Valley for the Wolverines and for the first time since 1997, Michigan has won ALL of their B1G Road Games – can you believe that?  That shows you the type of effort involved and how special this team is.

Speaking of Special – let’s take a look at your Champions.

SPECIAL TEAMS CHAMPION – Most of the time, Special Teams will flip the field with a long punt. Saturday, Jourdan Lewis not only flipped the field, he flipped momentum in the game at a most critical time. While Penn State settled for a field goal to make it a 5-point game midway through the 4th quarter, Lewis’s 55-yard kickoff return set the table for Michigan to ice the game. While the Wolverines’ Special Teams were not exactly stellar all game, this return erased the block punt earlier in the contest and provided a much needed spark when the crowd could have become a big part of the game.

OFFENSIVE TEAM CHAMPIONJake Rudock is the man! Plain and simple. We are seeing now, what Jim Harbaugh saw in #15 months ago. Calm. Cool. Accurate. Heady. Sure, he fumbled, and threw a pick when he locked onto a receiver in the game, but he is starting to play Brian Griese-esque. He makes good decisions and my gosh is he accurate! I’m not saying he is flawless but “Dad” as the guys on the team call him is getting it done. Nice going, Pops!

DEFENSIVE TEAM CHAMPION – I said last week that a team or unit can get into a quarterback’s mind and intimidate him. Well, I think the D-Line got into the head of the PSU OC. Was it just me, or did they all but abandon the running game early in the second half? I credit Taco Charlton who had two sacks and the rest of the D-Line for putting Christian Hackenberg on the ground and forcing PSU out of their comfort zone. A great D starts with an intimidating D-Line, and we got one.


COACHING STAFF – I counted at least four times during the game on Saturday when I credited a play call, or play result due to the decision of the Michigan Coaching Staff. When you marry talent and depth with superior coaching intellect, good things are going to happen. You do realize that this team can win 11 games this year, don’t you?  Coaching.

Decals dealt out in previous weeks:

    • Utah: Jake Butt, Jabrill Peppers, Blake O’Neill, (Uniform: White Road Uniforms), John Kryk
    • Oregon State:  De’Veon Smith, Chris Wormley, Delano Hill, The Coaching Staff
    • UNLV:  Ty Issac, Channing Stribling, Blake O’Neill
    • BYU: Jake Rudock, Defensive Line, Jabrill Peppers, (Uniform: Properly Hiked up White Socks), Amara Darboh
    • Maryland: Drake Johnson, Desmond Morgan, Kenny Allen, (Uniform: Blue lyrca leggings).
    • Northwestern: Jehu Chesson, Jourdan Lewis, Offensive Line, (Uniform: Maize and Blue gloves).
    • Michigan State:  No Champions
    • Minnesota: Wilton Speight, Michigan defense, Jabrill Peppers, (Uniform: Stickers crossing the stripes! :O)
    • Rutgers: Jake Rudock, Taco Charlton, Jim Harbaugh
    • Indiana: Jake Rudock, Jehu Chesson, Delano Hill, Jourdan Lewis, Coaching staff, (Uniform: #CHADTOUGH on helmets)
    • Penn State: Jake Rudock, Jourdan Lewis, Taco Charlton, Michigan Coaching Staff

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I had the pleasure to write today’s #MichiganComic for Scott and the illustrious ‘The Blockhams’ series.  Here’s a snapshot, click to see the full page:


Thanks for the opp Scott!

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Steve Everitt and Bo Schembechler in 2003 (

Steve Everitt and Bo Schembechler in 2003 (

Awesome piece in on my man Steve Everitt including this pic of Bo’s visit to Key West to see the big man in 2003.  (HT: @moesportshops).   Slice:

Everitt heard Schembechler was coming down Key West way for the World Sailfish Championship Tournament.

“I asked if he wanted to come by the house figuring he’d say no,” Everitt said, laughing. “He said yes.”

Amy Everitt, Michigan Class of ’93, got the camera out and started snapping pictures. Steve felt a little sheepish so he kept telling her that was enough. But now, nine years after the legendary coach’s death, Everitt says, “I wish she would’ve taken 1,000 pictures.”

She stopped well short of that, but not before getting one of Schembechler in what Everitt describes as “my Michigan bathroom.”  Everitt remembers one pose in particular: Schembechler sitting on a closed toilet, playing Everitt’s “KISS” pinball machine, a metal-legged survivor of Hurricane Wilma.

Therein you’ll find several more reasons why EVERITT RULES.

Go Blue!


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