A much anticipated call into to WTKA this morning as Andy Evans spoke with Michigan assistant head coach Mel Pearson. They discussed of course the ugly incident at the end of the Michigan State game Saturday night, where Steve Kampfer was taken down and then slashed by Spartan players [photos]. As expected, Pearson kept out of the fray. He said kind things about coach Rick Comley and the Spartan program and he offered he’s confident that Comley and MSU will do the right thing. He believes Tommy Anastos and the CCHA will act swiftly to send a message.

Pearson also talked about the upcoming series with #1 Notre Dame this weekend which is going to be ridiculously awesome.

Two positive notes:
* Pearson confirmed that Kampfer is doing ok although they are still waiting for some test results to confirm there was no concussion.
* He advised that Mark Mitera is doing very well and skating. Pearson offered this info up unsolicited, and said Mitera is “coming along very nicely. He looks great, he looks great. He’s probably a couple weeks away still..” Pearson added his return is a “real possibility”.

Here’s the full audio

Here’s more podcasts from WTKA, including an interview this morning with new defensive coordinator Greg Robinson.

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  1. So Robinson states his job will initially involve matching players to his system and the system will be molded to the players on hand.

    hmmmmm… Didn’t RR say the same EXACT things shortly after the Florida game???