Readers of this site know that the Little Brown Jug has but a pair of rows left for scores:

After 2012 we’re hosed. 

When I first posted a set of potential options to resolve this matter, I was truly surprised by many of the suggestions.  I’ve had a few new comments including this gem from reader bjk:

As currently configured, the jug is sort of like the Mayan calendar, built to exhaust itself after a certain point.

The options are as follows, (read the full post for more discussion):

1. Stop putting score on the jug
2. Remove some of the old scores
3. Make the jug bigger, aka the Stanley Cup solution
4. Repaint the existing score columns in a smaller font
5. Add new scoring columns in the free space on the jug
6. Retire the existing jug & start a new one

I’m firmly on #4.  Make the existing columns tighter, the numerals smaller and buy yourself a lot of time.  The jug has been restyled a few times for this very purpose, so it’s not a break with tradition.

What do you think?

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  1. Not to replace the jug with a new one is a denial of reality. Sooner or later, no matter how small of a font is used, the time will come when no more scores can be placed on it. C’mon man, just get a new jug and continue with the original font. The Big House won’t fall into the sea . . . .

  2. How about this – a new jug, but painted to look like the original after the rows run out. You could actually have 2 of these, one on each campus for perpetuity. These would commemorate the first 110 years (93 games?) of the trophy. Then, repaint the original jug to start over in 2013. So now you have the original still being passed back and forth after the games. You could even have the first row be reserved for the 1903 game which started the whole thing.

  3. Another Great Jug article….as an active member of the “Brotherhood of Jug Owners Union, Local 1903” I hope that Jon Falk & Higher Ups simply add more scoring columns to the existing Jug…so that us Local 1903 members can just add another white column, and not redo the current 4 columns…which would lead to many late nights with the Paint Brush and Paint Pens….GO BLUE….Dennis Dail

  4. Fill up the empty space, artfully, then go the Stanley Cup route with an appropriate base. The “original” iconic piece must be preserved.

  5. @Greg – MVictors
    The font and size of the columns have already been changed. That was exactly what I wanted you to say. Thanks! Just fashion a duplicate and hopefully another . . . and another . . . and . . . .

    On the other hand isn’t it quite the coincidence that the last space available will be the same year the Mayan large calendar comes to an end? Hmm. Maybe there isn’t a need to do anything at all.

  6. Come on, you can’t get a new jug. It’s *the* Little Brown Jug – there’s only one of it. It’s the very Jug (as far as we can tell) that Yost brought to the game in 1903. You can’t replace that.
    If you run out of room to paint scores, you run out of room. I don’t see that as a huge problem. The scores are not what makes the trophy cool. They’re just a little added bonus.

    Anyway, I think either #4 or #5 is fine.

  7. I agree with jmblue….you can’t replace Yost Fieldhouse, you can’t replace Michigan Stadium, you can’t replace The Victors, you can’t replace The Winged Helmet, you can’t replace ‘Those Who Stay Will Be Champions’, you can’t replace the “1” on the end of the Seating Capacity, you can’t replace the Tradition of the 12 men who have wore the “1” Jersey, you can’t replace the GO BLUE M CLUB SUPPORTS YOU banner, you can’t replace the Mad Magicians, you can’t replace the voice of Bob Ufer, you can’t replace the legendary shadows of Yost, Crisler, Canham and Schembechler and you certainly can’t replace The Little Brown Jug.

  8. I don’t know….something about re-painting over the history that’s already there just doesn’t feel right. I like the idea of adding a lower ring and filling that up for the next 50-100 years. The scores that were painted on the last time up to the resizing have now been “lost” but we can at least preserve the current history.

    Just an old guy thinking like an old guy…