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a Conley barking

I caught up with the oldest player on the field after the game, Jim Conley of the ‘65 Rose Bowl champs.  He roamed the defensive backfield for the Maize team this morning and shared a few thoughts.  Worth a listen, heavily tongue-in-cheek from the salty veteran:


I asked Conley about the lack of a QB on the Maize team: “It met my dreams, you understand?  Because I hate referees, kickers and quarterbacks.”

On the refs, who seemed to give the Blue QB (John Navarre) more than the allowed 5 seconds: “They had that Spartan Bob clock…they had 8 seconds sometimes.”

On playing safety: “I moved better than I thought I was going to, to tell you the truth.   I just wanted to show the fans that an old man can play free safety.  If you’re a safety, you gotta sit back, look at the field, read the quarterback and go to the ball.   And as you saw nobody threw in my area because I was there.”

On the leap he offered up during his introduction: “I wanted to show people that I have that 42” elevation…”