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Thanks to MLive, the post game press conference from Lloyd Carr:
– “Proud of our players, to deal with some of the things they’ve had happen this season…”
– “The way things started this sesaon they could have folded. Never did.”
– [After the game] “Told the players I loved them. Most importantly, I thanked them.”
– [After down 35-31, any doubts?] “I told our kids only we could stop ourselves, which we did a number of times…we got all the time in the world we needed.”
– On Arrington’s punishment this summer. Great stuff (midway through the audio, check it out)…Talks about this summer, the punishment of running the steps….says his mother called him every morning to wake him up at 5:30am to make sure he was at the stadium to walk the steps…Carr adds he only asked him to walk steps; Arrington used it as an opportunity to get in better shape.
– “There were some sensational catches and Adrian made some of those.”
– “I never woke up not wanting to be there” [coaching at Michigan].
– [On his wish for the program] “I hope they win every game…Every time.”