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The huge gap that Ohio State held in the preseason poll was gradually slipping away all season, and finally this week the pollsters had enough. The tight win over Wisconsin wasn’t good enough and Penn State takes over the top spot. Perhaps Penn State’s handling of Juice Williams and Illinois means a little more know after the beat down the Illini put on the Wolverines last week.

The index rating for Michigan didn’t change much, as mentioned last week I don’t think the Wisconsin win made believers out of anyone and M barely budged. Michigan State is holding strong and has entered a top tier of five teams followed by a huge drop off:

Takes and comments from the pollsters:
Biggie, of MSU: Illinois is back on track. Michigan still struggling with stopping the spread. Northwesteern vs. MSU is huge next week….one team is going to separate themselves as the possible surprise team this year in the Big Ten. Penn State vs. Wisconsin, another big matchup.

Schlim, the Bucknut: “Illinois finally looked like the team most were anticipating before the season (unfortunately at Michigan’s expense) Penn State takes over the top spot on my ballot, them seem to have everything clicking right now.”

“As far as Wisconsin, Seriously you suspend the BAND!?!! I don’t know what’s going on at Wisconsin or what they did in Ann Arbor last week and honestly I don’t want to know.”

Gilliam, sad Badger:
“Another heartbreaking loss for the Badgers, and another game that could have been won with defense in the 4th quarter. Overall, it felt like a shake out week in the Big Ten, but I won’t be surprised when Michigan State and Minnesota stumble, and Wisconsin and Iowa climb the standings. We should find out this week how good Penn State and Northwestern are. “\

Lew, Ribmaster: “I think the Michigan we saw on Saturday is about what we can expect for the rest of the season. They’re just not a good football team. Sparty will be lucky to go .500 in their last 6 games.”

Shep, the Domer:
Was impressed with the “Illini, finally played four quarters, defense showed why they had the preseason hype for the first time this season.”

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