The index pretty much held this week with the exception of the Irish and Northwestern switching slots after Notre Dame’s tough loss to Pittsburgh. Michigan State had a great win over Wisconsin who’s leadership has to be questioned after they way they handled the closing moments of that game. Here’s the index:

Comments from the pollsters:
Gilliam the Badger “Well, Texas Tech beat Texas, and leapfrogged PSU, on their bye week. So…does Penn State have a chance to get back into the BCS title game? Someone tell me. Michigan State couldn’t stop PJ Hill or John Clay, but a series of bad mistakes and inability to finish games puts the talented Badgers in last place. That last one was frustrating. Probably about as frustrating as throwing a pick-six with :12 left to Northwestern. At home. On homecoming. That’s all I know. This is my worst season as a Badger since 1989!”

Lew, the Hoosier“Good win for Sparty, but what in the world was Bielema thinking calling a timeout to let Sparty settle its field goal unit for the game winner? It’s tough being a Michigan fan this year, but it’s gotta be tougher being a Badger fan.

And speaking of M fans, good to see the majority of you are on board (at least with Coach Rod) based on the current MVictors poll, but the proverbial cold shower is in order for most in the local media (first in line: Lynn Henning) and the vocal minority crying to WTKA for Coach Rod’s head and other staff changes. Give these guys a chance and support your team.”

Biggie the Spartan“Can MSU handle success? Indeed! Well, sort of, with a little help from Coach Bielema. State had no business winning that game against UW but did what they had to do to exorcise some more of those “same old Spartan” demons. With a win vs. Purdue they will assure themselves a New Year’s Day bowl in Coach Dantonio’s second season. Pretty incredible based on the overall talent that this team possesses.

Even though the two big boys had a bye there were still some wild games this week. I know the Big 10 s down but it is still great to watch all these teams battle on a weekly basis.”

Schlimmy, the Bucknut “Hard to pick out any time that really impressed me as every game could have gone either way, I think Sparty’s victory ensured them of a New Year’s day Bowl (My guess will be Outback Bowl v Georgia)”


  1. You’re joking, right? Your “power index” has Michigan ranked ahead of Purdue? By what logic??? I suspected this all along, but obviously, this index is idiotic.

  2. M Fan – read how the index works. Michigan is .7 of a point ahead of Purdue, statically equivalent (and bad). What did you see Saturday that makes Purdue clearly the better team than Michigan? Would Purdue beat Michigan 70% of the time on a neutral field?

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