Gilliam the Badger “Michigan State will know by kickoff if the Wolverines did their little brothers a favor, and beat the Buckeyes in Columbus. Unfortunately, this year it would take Lloyd Carr coming back from the dead for Les Blues to have a chance. I mean Schembechler. I really don’t think it would matter anyway, as I can’t see PSU doing anything less that blowing out Sparty in Happy Valley. Go U Northwestern! Congratulations to Pat Fitz and the smarties from Evanston. Wisconsin beat the up-and-coming Gophers to warm up for…Cal Poly. Cal Poly is 8-1, and is averaging about 50 points a game. Appalachian State, anyone?”

Lew, the Wolverine, the Hoosier “Despite Coach Spank’Tonio’s anti-Michigan antics (dude, OSU is Michigan’s biggest football rivalry, and always will be, regardless of your lame attempts to goad big brother), I’ll be pulling for Sparty this weekend in Happy Valley (and a subsequent loss by Oregon State). And then I’ll be counting the days before USC gets to open up another can of whup ass on the Buckeyes in the Rose Bowl. It’s Ohio State/Michigan week and, well, if you can’t beat ’em…. F ’em! Gotta love Ohio State/Michigan week! ”

Biggie the Spartan “Looking forward to Saturday….it could be argued that this is the biggest game MSU has played in last 18 years.”

Schlimmy, the Bucknut “Not much movement in my poll as the games played out pretty much as anticipated, to this Saturday as I fully expect my Buckeyes to handle Michigan with relative ease.

Illinois might just might have been the most overrated team in the country coming into the year (maybe other than Clemson) they were top 15-20 to start the year and now they need a victory in their last game just to be bowl eligible, looking like Motor City Bowl if their lucky.”


  1. Lew…maybe you should put your energy into worrying what your coach is saying.

    I will be rooting for Big Blue on Saturday, though I have a feeling both of our teams are in for long afternoons.

  2. Too many people are already too worried about what Coach Rod is saying. No need for me to over-analyze his words too. I'm just talkin' smack in the blogosphere… and I've got my Percy Snow jersey to prove it!

    I agree though, long afternoons are likely in order for both our teams. Michigan played Penn State tough for almost a half, so Sparty might be able to give them a battle — but I think Penn State's defense is built to stop Michigan State's style of offense. If Michigan gets Sheridan's Minnesota game (with a small dose of Feagin), we might be able to make things a little interesting down in Columbus.

  3. Gilliam the Badger

    Combined score for Cal-Poly, PSU, OSU vs. Wisconsin, MSU, UM:

    125 – 58.

  4. Gilliam the Badger

    For the record…ACTUAL Cal-Poly, PSU, OSU vs. Wisconsin, MSU, UM combined score:


    Yes, I rule.