The huge gap that Ohio State held in the preseason poll was gradually slipping away all season, and finally this week the pollsters had enough. The tight win over Wisconsin wasn’t good enough and Penn State takes over the top spot. Perhaps Penn State’s handling of Juice Williams and Illinois means a little more know after the beat down the Illini put on the Wolverines last week.

Wow, the combination of Michigan’s awful loss to Toledo and Minnesota’s defeat of Illinois, the teams essentially flipped spots on the Index, the Wolverines moving all the way down to #11, and the Gophers jumping to seven. Meanwhile the Spartans moved up two spots to #3 as I think folks are waiting to see what happens this weekend before they “believe”. Here’s the full index:

Takes and comments from the pollsters:
Gilliams the Badger: “Welp, PSU is pretty good. They looked like a pre-Big Ten Penn State team during the Badger beat-down. They have got big, talented athletes that are executing like clockwork. They shouldn’t lose a Big Ten game the rest of this year, but they play at night in Columbus on 10/25. I’d like to see them play Texas, Oklahoma, or Alabama in the BCS title game. I thought MSU made a statement on the road, and so did Minnesota, but I’m not convinced yet by the Gophers. And wow…Fail to the Victors.”

Schlim, the Bucknut: “Big Ten is down to a 3 team race as Penn St., Ohio State and Sparty have separated themselves from the rest of the league, the next couple weeks are huge for the Buckeyes as first they travel to East Lansing to take on the Sparty’s then host Penn St. at the Shoe in primetime.

I don’t mean to pile on Big Blue, but I gotta believe that they have hit rock bottom (I guess things could get worse next weekend v Penn St.) I know expectations were relatively low this year but this is getting a little ridiculous. Just think of where they would be if they didn’t pull of a minor miracle vs. Wisconsin.”

Biggie, the upbeat Spartan:
“O.K. I am officially excited about this Spartan football team. This weeks game against OSU will be the biggest game Spartan Stadium has seen in years. It is clear that Penn St. is the class of the league.”

Shep, The Domer: “Minnesota, played what everyone thought was going to be a solid team and beat them on the road.”

Was impressed with the “Minnesota – are the Gophers for real?? Too bad they don’t play Penn State. Speaking of, wow. Things could get really ugly for our beloved Wolverines on Saturday. Speaking of…. If Bill Martin’s experience with Tommy Amaker is any indication, at least Coach Rod will be given enough time to right this ship.

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  1. Still the only big ten team with a win over a top ten team this year.