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No surprise, after swapping the top spot with Ohio State over the past couple weeks, the Lions are back on top. Two questions:
1. What does JoePa listen to on those headphones in the booth – Paul Harvey? Matlock?
2. Is it possible that Michigan hid Sam McGuffie inside the Paul Bunyan trophy in an attempt at a modern day Trojan horse gambit?

Gilliam the Badger is revived “If Texas loses to Texas Tech next weekend, Penn State has a shot at the national title game. The Michigan – Michigan State game was fun, but you can see why the pollsters favor the SEC and the Big 12. Dantonio is the right kind of coach for that program: disciplined and classy. If Rich Rod is going to start recruiting smaller, faster athletes from out of state, then he better be sure he’s getting every one of the best Michigan defensive players to coming up. Michigan State’s defense is better than Wisconsin’s, so I give State the advantage next weekend. Ohio State and Penn State are the new Big Two.

What a great PSU team this year. Apparently Tim Brewster was a good choice for the Gophers. He’s going to start keeping a lot more kids in-state. It’s going to hurt Bret Beilema’s recruiting in the future.”

Lew, the Hoosier (this week) “How ’bout them Hoosiers! They’ve got a huge one against Central Michigan this Saturday, and the real question on everyone’s mind is whether either of the team’s hot-handed back-up QBs will see action. A LeFevour/Lewis showdown could be epic, but Brian Brunner and Ben Chappell have both proven to be more than capable this season. My gut tells me Central will prevail on the road in this one, but the Hoosiers could find themselves out of the Index cellar with a win.”

Biggie the Spartan aka ‘Chatty Cathy’ after a biggie win: “Make no mistake, this was a huge win for the MSU football program regardless of how down UM is this year. Here is why….
1. After getting jail sexed by OSU the previous week (the biggest game at Spartan Stadium in over 10 years) they put it behind them & came out and played an outstanding football game.
2. It was State’s first victory at UM in 18 years.
3. Dantonio has embraced this rivalry and has made it crystal clear that the UM game is the measuring stick. This was a must win and he got it done.
4. MSU overcame some major setbacks throughout the contest….Capt. Otis Wiley having to sit out the game due to injury, three Swenson missed field goals, Minor’s TD that wasn’t.
5. The 4th & 1 late in the fourth quarter. Dantonio showed major onions by going for it as well as sending a message about toughness and playing to win.

The Spartans have shown they can bounce back from adversity. Can they handle success? This weekend is another test for Coach D and his staff as they proceed to “change the culture” at MSU. They must beat Wisconsin this weekend….there is so much more to play for this season.

Also, a shoutout to my boy Larry Foote…hey Lar, I hope you had a nice weekend.”

Schlimmy, the Bucknut, who was at the Penn State game Saturday:“I will give Penn State their props for coming into the Shoe and walking out with a win, but I’m beginning to wonder if there is a conspiracy to get Joe Pa one more crack at the title, that is the only reasonable explanation as to why Penn State had ZERO penalties enforced for the whole game!! I’m not saying the refs were the determining factor in the game but it makes you wonder a little bit.”

Shep, the Domer: whose Irish are showing steady improvement after last year’s disaster, probably giggling at all of the comparisons Michigan fans are making this year’s Wolverines and last year’s Irish. But he didn’t go there, instead he gave props to “Penn State – Answered the questions against Ohio State.”

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