Rest assured that the practice of Wolverine fans bitching about alterations to gameday traditions is not a recent phenomenon. 

If you’ve perused early editions of The Michigan Daily, you know that students (and fans in general) have always been quite vocal about goings on around football games.

Check this out from nearly 100 years ago, the October 29, 1910 edition of the Daily.  A student put pen to paper after noticing the band stopped playing ‘The Victors’ prior to games.  He didn’t care for the change and asked the Daily to step in to get the pulse of his fellow students.  It made it on the front page:


Keep in mind ‘The Victors’ was a mere 12 years old at this point but what’s right is right!  Good for you ‘Senior’

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  1. This is absolutely amazing. Fantastic find, as usual!