Thanks to reader Biggie Munn for passing this along.  I was in the Howell Arby’s a few months back and I noticed the Michigan-themed cups.  It occurred to me (with a Spartan sitting next to me) that everyone might not appreciate that.  I also noticed the last few cases of Coke Zero have had a Michigan football theme to them.  

A few Spartans aren’t happy. 

Via spartantailgate:

When I buy a 12 pack of Coke Zero and open the box to get one of the pop cans, why do I see a certain college name and logo on it? Arby’s do you like losing business by being bias? Do those who are obsessed with this particular school in question call you and demand that you promote this school and their football program?

Via Rivals:

Is this a state wide campaign? I can’t imagine the National Headquarters in Florida promoting this. Would they be a part of promoting FSU or UF in northern Florida? I would think not. IMO this is NOT wise in the state of Michigan either.

When discussing this with an Arby’s spokesperson she said the promotion was part of the agreement with U.M. for the Big Chill Hockey game in Ann Arbor. If this is true, I suggested that they consider adding the event and both Universities involved to their advertisement so they do not offend their customers.

Another Rivals post:

It is State wide ( or at least Metro Detroit wide). If you order a large drink you get a stupid Big House cup. I have boycotted Arby’s for this reason. Coke is also doing a um campaign.
Just sucks.

Rivals, weee:

I stopped at an Arby’s in Kalamazoo 2 weeks and was given large UM cup. I asked for another cup, they didn’t have one that big, so I settled for a medium drink and through [sic] away the UM cup. Haven’t eaten at an Arby’s since.

Don’t mess with the AARP.  Rivals:

expressed my disgust, got a smaller drink and won’t go back.
Since I’m retired and have the time, I also emailed Arby’s to complain.

Wait until Arby’s starts calling their curly fries, "shoelaces".


  1. I seem to remember recently that Michigan State worked with either Coke or Pepsi on a football tickets promotion which put their logo and home schedule on cans statewide. I believe it was 2007 when they played UAB. Working on finding visual backup.

  2. I remember buying Mountain Dew at some point with MSU stuff on the cans. Also, I'm from Ohio and it's pretty common to see products with OSU logos on them.

  3. For what it's worth, there are the same football-themed Coke Zero cans here in Chicago, but for the Bears. I'm glad to know that the ones "back home" have Michigan on them instead of Sparty or the Lions.

  4. I was grabbing some lunch at a coffee shop on the campus of the University of Chicago the other day, wasn't sure what I wanted to drink, and saw one of these cans calling me from the cooler. Had to buy it.

  5. Pompano Buckeye

    Hey, UM on Coke ZERO…'nuff said.