A quick ranking on the on the Super Bowl commercials from 2008. Only new commercials, no TV show, music or movie promos:

The Winner:
– Baby speaks, talks about getting some coin and rents a Clown. Turns out to be a bit creepy. As much as I hate fake-talking babies, this was pretty great. (E*Trade)

Top Tier:
– Fellers stealth snacks spruce up lame cheese party (Bud Light)
– Pocket stain interruptor (Tide stain stick)
– Lizards do Thriller Dance (SoBe Life Water)
– Sir Charles is a chatter box (t-mobile)
– Mouse waiting game (Doritos)
– Ferrell says Suck It (Bud Light)

– Fire breathing sneezer (Bud Light)
– Godfather/old luxury car in bed (Audi)
– Sleeping Peeps, Mango (Diet Pepsi max)
– Modern day warriors/shoes (Under Armour)
– Jeter (Gatorate G2)
– Giant Pigeons (FedEx)
– Death Match circle (Cars.com)
– Sleeping Badgers (Toyota)
– Napoleon (Garmin)
– Heart quits – too gross (CareerBuilder.com)
– Never say never drawing (GMC Yukon)
– Foreign guys drop lines on ladies (Bud Light)
– Ugly gal tempts fellers (Planters nuts)
– JT gets sucked (Pepsi)
– Where’s Ted? (ideacast.com)
– Get your story straight (NFL Network)
– Witch Doctor (Cars.com)
– Jockey Shaq (Vitamin Water)
– Stewie, Underdog, Charlie Brown balloons battle (Coke)
– Frist, Carville buddies around DC (Coke)

Weak Tier:
– Boss Mean to Indian fellow (salesgenie.com)
– Danica Patrick tease – don’t toy with me (GoDaddy.com)
– Red laptop toting dude – Dell
– Dog trains steed Rocky-style (Bud)
– Lame Pandas (salesgenie.com)


  1. I’d have to disagree completely. The Rocky Budweiser commercial was my favorite. The baby and lizards were ok but the Bud commercial was the only one I actually sought out online to watch again.

    [Webmaster: I’m kind of getting sick of the dalmatian and the Clydesdale’s]

  2. Danica Patrick under weak tier?? how could you..you..you disbeliver!

    :) Just kidding.

    She could toy with me anytime :)

    Best regards,