Here’s my take on this mess. I feel bad for the Michigan players and coaches and it’s not right that they don’t have a clear shot at the national title. I do think there is some credence to have a representative from another conference play in the title game. While there are some points of reference between the SEC and the Big Ten, and even a common opponent between Florida and Michigan [Vanderbilt], how do you truly know how these teams stack up conference to conference. Was it really such a great feat for Florida to make it through the SEC with 1 loss? And for Michigan, the Big Ten is clearly very top heavy and Notre Dame just isn’t very good. Ohio State definitely deserved to win that game in Columbus.

I can see people slotting Florida above Michigan on the whole, but I guess what bugs me is that is the switch happened two weeks after Michigan stopped playing and Florida really didn’t look good in either game in that timeframe. I’m convinced it was a lethal combination of:
– Out of sight, out of mind
– Conference championship argument
– Don’t want to see rematch
– Rematch is not fair to Ohio State.

I’ve seen Florida enough, I’ve seen them struggle. I think Michigan is better and should have been #2, but I understand.


  1. My buddy Jim (a recent poster) introduced me to this site awhile back, so I had to check it out the day after the BCS Selection Show. I didn’t find any new material, but now that I have returned, I see a few articles now.

    Honestly, I expected to find a lot of anti-Florida sentiment here. After your epic 42-39 game, I thought a rematch was inevitable. Then I thought USC would go after their performance against Notre Dame… until USC-UCLA. Up until the announcement on FOX on the big screen at the bar where my crew was drinking, I thought it could go either way – Michigan or Florida.

    I was surprised to see your fair assessment of the selection… kudos.

  2. UF Warren, thanks for returning and for the kind words. Sorry man, I couldn’t get the fresh content out b/c I was busy crushing thick steaks, cocktails and blackjack dealers in Vegas all night. While I think Meyer showed little class with his comments on Michigan and the process weeks before, I don’t harbor any bad feelings toward the Gators or the selection itself.