07. February 2008 · Comments Off on Recruit Brandon Smith wants 4 Buckeye scalps · Categories: Archive 2008, Coach Rod, Ohio State, Recruits

WTKA and Sam Webb hosted their fifth annual Signing Day Extravaganza yesterday afternoon. They interviewed several players and coaches including Coach Rod. I caught some of the show on my 3 hour drive home from Lansing.

My new hero? New Jersey recruit and now permanent Michigan Man Brandon Smith. During Webb’s interview Brandon Smith made four unsolicited references to beating Ohio State. The cocky multi-skilled Smith capped it off when he mentioned that a defining moment in his career would be his 4 wins over Ohio State! It was so great – I’ll look for audio but it was a beauty.

He also is friends with Sam McGuffie and told everyone not to worry, that Sam would come around. Sure enough.

Update: Second best thing that happened yesterday, Will Ferrell live at the Breslin Center on MSU’s campus. As Anchorman character Ron Burgundy, he did an interview with Tom Izzo and asked the Spartan coach if he was a legal dwarf.