Any thoughts of Lloyd Carr, Hart, Henne and Long getting to tee off on the ACC’s #4 team are gone. Nope, they’ll get Urban Meyer and defending national champion Florida. An interesting match-up for sure, as Florida edged out Michigan for the second BCS championship spot last year and many (including Carr) were none too happy with the comments made by Meyer as he campaigned for his Gators. Water under the bridge maybe, but it’ll make for an interesting subplot.

Required for the game? Your Urban Meyer Wiener gear while they last:

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1. As mentioned above, Hart, Henne, and Long and especially Carr’s last game.
2. Meyer vs. Carr after the bitterness of last year.
3. Is Urban Meyer a candidate for the coaching job? He didn’t exactly slam the door shut in recent comments.
4. Will a signficant number of Michigan fans go to this game? [Latest Ticket Prices here]
5. Will Michigan have named a coach by then? Will he be at the game?


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  2. I would like to think that Carr, Hart, and Henne would come through like they never have at the end of the season in the last few years, but Florida is a good team that wins its big games. I hate to say we are a serious underdog in this one.

    UF fans would be pissed if we got their coach. If anything he is a proven winner.

  3. Michigan is going to get killed in Carr’s last game. Will be good so we remember what a lame tactition he is and what a lame offense we get from him. I hope our next coach has an imagination.

  4. Jim:

    Don’t know if you got the memo, but Urban will be coaching Tebow for another year or two. Just so you know, when you have a heisman like player taking snaps for your team and then finding large LB’s and running over them like he’s playing against Pop Warner players… YOU DONT LEAVE THAT! Enjoy the Bowl beat down January 1st! And enjoy your hunt for a “C” list Coach!

  5. put that on your Urban Meyer Wiener and eat it!

  6. Hey all you f*ckin’ Michigan haters, shut the f*ck up! We had Gator for lunch, tasted damn good too!! The score could have easily been 55-35, we kicked that ass all day. Nice to see Tebow on his ass all day!! We had 4 turnovers, and still emerge victorious..Ha-Ha We got the last laugh. Meyer is a pompous asshole.
    Michigan has always dominated the SEC in bowl games 7-1, the numbers don’t lie.