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From WVmetronews.com, looks like reporters had a chance to ask Rich Rodriguez about the rumors Saturday morning but sounds like he told them he flat out wasn’t talking about it. No denials, no nothing really:

“It may be disappointing to you, but I’m not going to talk about any rumors or innuendos or jobs or whatever else is floating out there. I’m not going to talk about that at all,” Rodriguez told reporters. “I’m not talking about anything other than this year’s team, this season and this year’s bowl preparations.”

The reporters did lock onto Michigan transfer Ryan Mundy and other players, but they have nothing so far:

Ryan Mundy, who played at Michigan before coming to WVU offered a unique perspective to the rumors. He tod reporters that at Michigan there is a lot of pressure on not only the coaches, but also the players. Mundy said at Michigan a national championship is a “reachable goal” every year.

The only relevant new info is that apparently Rodriguez has not yet talked about it with his WVU bosses, another good sign if you want him coming to Michigan:

Meanwhile sources tell MetroNews that both athletic director Ed Pastalong and WVU president Mike Garrison have been trying to reach Rodriguez to talk about the reports.

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