Having been at the Ann Arbor version of “Rich Rod on the Road” tour, I can tell you that Coach Rodriguez added some material for the Dearborn version. User WolverinesFTW had a camera onsite and consolidated the talk down to under 10 minutes for your enjoyment:

Good stuff, he did a nice job. And unless my peepers deceive, Coach is donning a tie for this go round. Coach Rod strikes me as a guy that only carries a couple ties in his closet and I don’t think the polish meets his shoes very often.

Like I said before, some new stories and some old, but all good.


  1. Rich sounds like a Hick…I guess if you can’t beat ’em…go get a hick to coach your team.

  2. Hey AppStateDude, You suck. So what if Rich is a hick. I bet there’s a bunch of hicks on your team. Ha, ha…I told you. You guys stink. LOL.

  3. Whiff me AppBoy