rr podium 

Coach Rodriguez let the media into Schembechler Hall this morning for a 20 minute Q&A and to watch practice.  Check out some photos here and here’s the audio of the press conference:

  • No surprises with injury report.  Je’Ron Stokes is practicing.  Denard is fine.
  • “They kick like champions in here,” as in inside the Hall.   Still a competition.
  • Not sure if anyone will be ineligible due to grades until exams are done.
  • Talked about Miss State a bit.  “Probably did the best job of anybody all years against Cam Newton and Auburn.”
  • As soon as practice is over, many of the coaches are hitting the road recruiting.
  • Running back situation is open – sounds like everyone (Smith, Shaw, Fitz, Hopkins) is healthy.
  • Flying out the 26th on a charter or the guys will fly in from their homes.  The wanted to fly down Christmas day but the Redskins have the hotel booked up.
  • On early enrollees:  expecting between 2 and 4.
  • Devin Gardner won’t play in the bowl game.  He is practicing, his back is “better”.  RR said they will (“probably”) start the paperwork process after the bowl game for the medical redshirt.  He is eligible, playing time wise, for Michigan to apply.


  1. One of my best friends is a department head at Stanford and proud Michigan alum. No, he doesn't have any "insider" information. But he does know what a lot of higher ups at Stanford think of Jim Harbaugh: he's more loyal to the green & white than the Maize & Blue i.e. he cares more about money than this romantic notion a lot of us fans have about coming "home" to coach Michigan (don't we have a coach that left his alma mater for greener pastures?). So basically the sentiment out in Palo Alto is that it will come down to who (Stanford, Michigan, the NFL) is willing to pay him the most. Will Michigan fans be comfortable paying Jim Harbaugh ridiculous amounts of money? As an alumnus I'm not, esp. when public universities need to be more fiscally responsible (and yes, I know the athletic department supposedly pays for itself).

  2. I was watching HTTV the greatest stories of Michigan Football the other day and Harbaugh was in it and you can tell he really loves U of M. He was wearing a Stanford sweatshirt so i'm not sure if this DVD was produced before or after he made the comments about academics. Either way I honestly think if DB makes him an offer, he will be our next coach. If he really wanted to coach in the NFL he would have stayed there (after 7 years as assistant at Western Kentucky he became QB coach in Oakland), why waste six more years in college when he could have moved up the ladder as NFL assistant. Seriously, it would have been a quicker way to become NFL head coach plus most NFL assistants are paid well. I really wonder what might have been if Carr had given the QB coaching job to Harbaugh instead of Loeffler. Loeffler did a great job as QB coach but never became head coaching material…

  3. Jim Harbaugh, Stanford, talks about mental toughness http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eknyTwvg2rQ&fe

    "It starts with you don't whine and you don't complain or make excuses… "

    I hope and pray Brandon gets it done.