New Arizona coach Richard Rodriguez joined The Huge Show today:


* He talked about the circumstances around getting the new job.
* Said he met with the Arizona AD at the Detroit airport new a lot about
* Ask if he felt he would have gone 10-2 this season.  “Yep.  At least..”   Then laughed a bit and said how a coach is always confident.
* He keeps in touch with the Michigan players.  Happy for them for the success this year.
* Has he put the frustration of Michigan behind him?  “Oh yeah..”  Says he got past it during the 6-7 months doing TV on CBS.
* On what he learned at Michigan will make him better.  Said he needs everyone around him “pulling in the same direction..”
* Anything he would have done differently. “Ohhhh yeah, there is….”   Said there wasn’t one thing, but mentioned defense first then rattled off a series of reasons (injuries, etc.).  “I prefer not to think about it..”
* On the comment he’d like to play Michigan.   Said it was blown out of proportion, and wouldn’t want to play the players he recruited.  Said the comment was in jest.
* For the corduroy patch crowd, yes, he used the word “irregardless”
* Asked to breakdown the Sugar Bowl.  “Going to be a great match-up”, thinks “Michigan is a little faster..”
* Bill couldn’t help himself but encourage Rich Rod to not play Josh Groban at the team banquet.   RichRod didn’t seem happy with the question, lowered his voice and said, “that’s not going to happen.”   Ugh.


  1. The 1930’s film clearly shows two bands, one with white pants and hats and one with dark. In an era in which bands did not travel much it is probably Michigan State College which, if I am not mistaken, has worn white pants since the 20’s.

  2. I think the 3rd bullet above is stretching it just a little, teeny, tiny, bit:

    Some Fun RR Facts while in AA –
    *6-18 in Big Ten Play
    * School record for losses in a season (9 in 2008)
    * Consecutive losing seasons for first time since 1962-63
    * 42-7 loss to Ohio State in 2008
    * Worst loss to Ohio State since 1968 (50-14)
    * School record for yards allowed in each of last two years
    * Allowed most points in school history (35.2 PPG in 2010)
    * Allowed most points ever in bowl game (52)
    *–Broke record set in 2008
    * The team exceed NCAA limits on practice and training time, result – 3 Years Probation
    * 1-11 against ranked teams
    * 0-6 combined against rivals Ohio State and Michigan State.
    * RR stood helplessly on the sideline on New Year’s Day 2011 as Mississippi State handed them their worst bowl beating EVER — a 38-point drubbing.
    * RR lost six of the last eight games he coached in AA.
    * In 2008 did not play in a Bowl game for first time in 33 years
    * In his first 2 years, RR had no wins in October against FBS teams and did not record a win against one until 2010, beating Indiana.
    * in Big 10 play – UofM tied for 9th, 10th and 7th in his 3 years.

    DBrandon said it best, “Michigan is not used to this”


  3. This is the one that has me shaking my head a bit:

    * On what he learned at Michigan will make him better. Said he needs everyone around him “pulling in the same direction..”

    Does RR think the problem was just the people around him? If so, I have my doubts about his future success.

  4. With RR we probably go 8-4 this year and Denard would have had RG3 type numbers. The defense would improve but without Mattison it would still be towards the bottom of the B1G. Recruiting is hard to predict but no way we have a top 5 recruiting class without Hoke (especially on the defensive side) and with next years schedule we would again be looking at 7/8 wins max. It was the right time to make a change and thankfully DB did it.