I’ve been cautiously called ‘not a liar’ on mgoblog for putting forth the Rodriguez quote on the three quarterback system yesterday, which is a bit like being called notsomuch of an a-hole.  For the record, here’s the audio snippet.

    Seriously, I see both sides here in the perception.  I mean it’s a couple weeks out and Rodriguez clearly told the media he wouldn’t divulge the starter even if he had one (at this point).   I think Ladies Love Cool Larry (Lage) and others were justified in running with this because he answered that question so definitively and dudes, come on, the idea of seeing a three quarterback rotation would make anyone’s head do a Linda Blair.   After the Rodriguez said it I glanced over at friend-of-blog and author Craig Ross looking something like this (except I look more like Tom Cruise).

Did some folks run with this a little hard?  Probably.  I checked my Twitter during the press conference just to see what everyone was doing and Angelique tweeted thisRich Rodriguez just said he will play all three QBs in the season opener.”  I remember thinking that was a little extreme.

Did RR eave plenty of outs?  Sure.   Was it media day and did he give the media some sweet chum to feast upon?  You betcha.   Are TimVB and I going to thumb wrestle next time we meet up?  Word.  (And I’m a lefty – watch out!)

    Now, for those so sure that Sheridan is out of the picture, beyond the three quarterback comment, I’m pretty sure old Nick was atop Rodriguez’s little secret crib sheet in his hand as pointed out yesterday…take this with a grain of salt that would hit the roof of the indoor practice facility:

After the official presser, Rodriguez was holding a depth chart cheat-sheet that he had on his hand.  A media member peeked at it, and joked about the quarterback position.  Rodriguez said (with a smile) that the depth chart at QB was in order “by class”.  I assume he means graduating class and not who has the most panache.  (Because that’d be Cone)


  1. I clarified to Brian that I didn’t recall the exact quote, but it was in the context of all three guys playing over the season after seeing who plays best in game 1. I don’t think he intended to say you were a liar, so much as the same quote can be interpreted in different ways.

    Also, I’m a lefty too – watch yourself.

  2. Tim, just jokes man. But it’s a very interesting case study here on the evolution of the media. You’ve got of formerly behind the scenes uber-blogger now with guys on the ground, along with some folks he’s come to trust alongside some in MSM who might have an agenda to shock, and he’s trying to interpret it all. And it’s also interesting on your take, because depending on where you picked up the conversation or what you heard, the whole thing looks like a joke. Interesting stuff.

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