Quickly, five minutes from Rich Rod’s appearance on WDFN 1130AM this morning with fill-in hosts Larry Lage and Killer Kowalski.   Coach is in West Virginia right now visiting his parents and discussed a little recruiting including a brilliant question (inside joke) about the commitment numbers game and more:


Having done a little of this on the radio, it’s a little tough to change directions on the fly but I would have asked Rodriguez how he’s treated back home, and if he needs to slip in and out of town when he visits his parents.


  1. heh, I love the dig on Alabama over-signing tendencies. good stuff.

  2. I would have asked him about over-signing too. I thought we could sign 28 as long as it down to 25 by fall? Rich just mentioned 25

  3. Well, he said a full class of 25…which is what he will get.

    The three others that enroll early count toward the last class.

    So, he was right.

  4. @Benjamin
    Ben, enrolling early doesn’t change class numbers. As I understand it, Michigan can “backdate” one scholarship this season thus give out 26. If they sign above that, let’s say 30, they will have to count on a total of four guys decomitting or not qualifying by fall.