Rich Rodriguez: Michigan Man

UPDATE 12/16: Yes, Rich Rodriguez is a Michigan man, click here for more.

Breaking…Free Press is on it. Coleman, Martin, Rodriguez, lawyers, agents, met in Toledo. Here’s audio on Sporting News radio breaking the story, and a few comments from Angelique Chengelis saying it’s a desperate move by Coleman and Martin on WDFN’s Stoney and Wojo:

Quick takes, if true
– Ann Arbor News columnist Jim Carty will no doubt be digging into this if he’s hired. He’s got a Big East background and he’s hinted at this on WTKA, and if there is any impropriety in his past Carty will be checking it out.
– Bizarre that we are clearing out West Virginia of coaches.
– Most fans will be very happy.
– It’s funny that Mary Sue Coleman is the closer.
– UPDATE: You’ve gotta love the college football fan. Much of the talk on the radio is already on what Rodriguez would do with Mallett. Gotta love it


Here’s the profile and a few takes on Rodriguez from the Death March Madness bracket:

Rich Rodriguez has his West Virginia team poised to play for the national title in January this year. His offense is the envy of many fans. I don’t know if anyone is exactly sure what happened with the Alabama coaching job last year, whether he actually accepted a job and then changed his mind, or whether he never actually accepted the gig,…who knows. Putting that aside, there are all kinds of rumors that Rodriquez plays a little dirty in the recruiting game. These of course remain rumors as I’m not aware of any official infractions against his program. All told, his success in taking the WVU program to a new level is commendable. Timing may be an issue as now Rodriguez would be the one embroiled in coaching rumors and his team is preparing to play for the title (assuming they win Saturday). Boy, if Michigan ended up hiring RR wouldn’t it be bizarre that Michigan hired the Mountaineers’ head basketball and football coaches within the span of a year?


  1. Many bitch that Tressel is dirty, maybe M can level the playing field with this hire……

  2. This would certainly be a big name hire, but I really, really don’t want to see that spread offense week in and week out. Like any good Michigan Man, I prefer power football and putting guys in the NFL. If he does come, would this make WVa more of a little b*tch to us than Penn State?

  3. My name is Morty McNutt. Rodriguez be a good hire. I STILL WANT LES! At least Rod knows Bo (sorta)

  4. Holy Cow, you want our first born too? Trust me we were happy with the Beilein RAPING< as we replaced him with a better coach and we”ll do the same with another trader in Rodriquez. Sounds like MICHIGAN is the litt’l bitch buying up what they can’t find on their own. Good luck getting outcoached every week!!!!!

  5. re: the first born. You mean like the first born of one of the profs or something?

    As far as your new hoops coach, yes, he’s a real class act. Nice work.

    re: getting outcoached. Well, we’ll see I guess but sounds like sour grapes since he’s won the Big East 4 of the last 5 seasons.

  6. Rodriguez was a Mountaineer, now he is a BOY with a BB gun. He will fail at UM. His Agent convinced him that he was better than he was and so Rod thought he was better than West Virginia and that is a shame. I am glad that he is gone. I am just sad for the State, the Fans and the Players. Bill Stewart is looking and sounding better than Rod ever did.

    It was a sad day for West Virginia, however, we are strong and we will survive and we will Win on Jan 2nd 2008! Just remember nobody died. This was not a coal mine disaster like the one that killed my Granddad. We are still here and the Team will be great again!

  7. Michigan will soon come to know that ROD does not have enough class to be a “Michigan Man”…..for the rest of his life when he preaches about “teamwork”, and “Integrity” to any team he coaches…..his team will think “WTF man look what you did to WVU…..practice what you preach man”. GOOD LUCK BIG M ! You had it easy the past ten years with a coach that actualy had class.