1. Get over it already, numbnuts.

  2. Dude, that is funny.

  3. You can just SEE how hurt the dude is. It’s hilarious. Have fun with Coach Stew, retards.

  4. T, Big, Evan – you are all correct

  5. That is absolutely hilariously well done. I think it is very funny, and a little sad. FWIW, nice voice…

  6. This is the numnuts that did the song. My intent was noy to slam Michigan, I worked there in college and loved the people there, but only to have fun with the song. Sorry if I offended anyone but Northwestern "S". Appreciate the positive comments….Rick……Ukeleleman1.com

  7. Rick, funny and well done. It would be even funnier if we weren't 3-8 right now…. Props for posting.

  8. Evan…"RETARD here that did the parody on Rich…..No hurt intended on my part ..love Michigan people ….just wanted to let you and Greg that the hurt you see me exibiting was because my skivies were too tight that day…had nothing to do with football..Peace brother….Rick Heim..AKA ukeleleman1.com

  9. This is my last post I promise. Thanks to all for the positive comments. Thats what keeps me going…..Rick AKA Ukeleleman1.com

  10. Uncle Rick….we need to have you up for the MSU v. UM game next year for a tailgate and the game…..you will need to bring your guitar.

  11. I'll be there darlin as long as there's food and drink…you know I never pass up a party no matter where "S"

  12. Lew
    It will get better…I think he really is a good coach I just don''t agree with his principles.

  13. Heywood Cheblome

    Rock On POPs
    Love Ya

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