Michigan Replay
This really isn’t news – today’s Angelique Chengelis column announces that Michigan Replay is dead. We learned sometime this Spring that coach Rich Rodriguez didn’t like the post-game format, citing that having to do this show after a loss would be brutal. After watching the guy talk to the press after the Pitt loss last year you know where he’s coming from.

Replay has run since 1975 and Michigan radio color man Jimmy Brandstatter has hosted the show for the past 28. He’ll continue to do the show in whatever form it takes, likely some type of pre-game deal. I vote for a SNL ‘Super Fans’ round table with all Ditka references replaced with Bo until Rodriguez gets going.

Take: This may be a surprise to a few of you, but while I respect the tradition of the show [here’s Brandy with Bo after the Wanger to Carter IU game….unreal], the format is way past its prime. I realize that many of you made this a Sunday morning tradition, perhaps you and your Pops watched it together, etc., but it is time for a change.

In the 70s and 80s, seeing the highlights from the game was probably pretty special. Today you’ve already seen the highlights fifty times between Saturday night and Sunday morning. And while the player profiles sometimes yielded some nice info, the content of the back and forth between Carr and Brando was soft at best. Sharp or surprising quotes were scarce. It definitely wasn’t appointment television for me (ok, maybe after the Appalachian State game). I’m looking forward to the new format.


  1. Not living in the area, I don’t get to see it much, so it’s not a huge deal to me. I do think it’s a PR mistake on Rodriguez part though. It’s supposed to be brutal when you lose. I know the attitude on many of these sites seems to be whatever he does is fine. There is still a contignent of fans who aren’t so sure. I think that show would have been a good opportunity for fans to really get to know him better.

  2. I really liked the show. I appreciated Coach Carr’s more in depth analyisis and explainations of certain plays, game momentum, and the overall gameplan. I particularly appreciated these things after a loss.

    Perhaps this is why I think Coach Rodriguez’s reason for not doing the show is somewhat disappointing. And it kinda sounds like a sissy cop-out too.

    In the end though, I’m OK with it’s cancellation. Let its legacy end with its respective era. I simply consider it a part of, and out with, the old era of Michigan Football.

    GO BLUE!

  3. I hated looking at Carr’s face after a loss-he looked so down. I did not feel there was much insight from the show. Plus it is brutal for the coach to do the show for Sunday morning after a night game.

  4. My least favorite part of Michigan Replay was the vanilla preview of the next week’s game. My favorite part: the music. It will be missed.

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