Thanks to the readers of this site for the great comments as of late. Check out the thread on the Dantonio Imbroglio post for a little back and forth between in-state rivals. And readers Chris and Bonus rolled up there sleeves and rolled out some passion-filled thoughts on this season in the days following the Ohio State game.

The highlight for me, a former Michigan Marching Band member ‘jeffgoblue’ gave a little inside pool on the history of the MMB creating the script Ohio:

I’m a former Michigan Band member (89-92). The first script Ohio has long been a part of MMB lore. Mind you, the ’32 band did not actually perform the cursive writing Script Ohio drill as the OSU band has done since 1936, they just made the formation.

In the 1970’s, MMB director George Cavender, charted a Script “State” formation that the band marched to while playing the OSU fight song. The announcer’s script read something along the lines of “We taught you how to spell OHIO, now we’ll teach you how to spell STATE.”

Here’s the photo from ABC last Saturday:

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  1. I was there too! You know, how one OSU sousaphone player dots the "I" in Ohio?This bit ended with the whole sousaphone section crossing the T's!

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