One good thing that came out of the game, ABC showed a photo of the Michigan Marching Band in 1932(?) introducing Ohio State to a little thing called the script Ohio. The photo is from the opposite side of the field, thus the Ohio appears upside down.

The October 15, 1932 game against Ohio State was played in Columbus:

Michigan Marching Band doing Script Ohio

Michigan Marching band performing the Script Ohio, 1932

Michigan won the game 14-0 and on the back for player of the year quarterback Harry Newman, went on to win the national championship.


  1. I'm a former Michigan Band member (89-92). The first script Ohio has long been a part of MMB lore. Mind you, the '32 band did not actually perform the cursive writing Script Ohio drill as the OSU band has done since 1936, they just made the formation.

    In the 1970's, MMB director George Cavender, charted a Script "State" formation that the band marched to while playing the OSU fight song. The announcer's script read something along the lines of "We taught you how to spell OHIO, now we'll teach you how to spell STATE."

  2. Hate to rain on your little parade, but this really has far less to do with Script Ohio than you folk like to think. Firstly the OSU Band had been performing dynamic formations for several years before this, including the floating block “Ohio”, and the floating anchor that was used at the OSU-Navy game in 1930. So this is really not especially innovative. Secondly, the font for Script Ohio has nothing to do with this lettering – it was taken from the canopy on the front of the Ohio Theatre in Columbus, where you can see it to this day. Thirdly, this “Ohio” was a static formation, and not the letter-by-letter cursive formation that Script Ohio is. I guess you might equally say that “we taught you how to do real cursive writing”.