Along with the entire 0-16 Detroit Lions coaching staff except wide receivers coach Shawn Jefferson and running backs coach Sam Gash.

Take: I’m one of the few that would have been fine with keeping Coach Marinelli around another season to resurrect this crew. Marinelli had these guys playing hard (for the most part) long after the season was ruined. But I understand that if you want a major overhaul, which is needed, that after the GM you should probably start with the coach. If they want to nab a solid name, they’ll certainly have the incentive that a) things can only get better, and b) there’s a boat load of draft picks in a few months to start rebuilding.

So, add Marinelli to another Lions coach who bites the dust in the Millen era.



  1. The Millen era????

    WTF is that? What about the WCF era?!?!?

    This firing does NOTHING. The seeds for 0-16 were sewn by WCF and Russ Thomas long before Millen came to town. By firing the coach but not the entire management staff as well, pretty much guarantees another 0-16 season

  2. The Millen era comment was related to the coaching change – that’s six now since 2000 (?) since Millen was hired. As far as who’s to blame for the Lions? If you had to pin 0-16 on someone it’d be Millen or WCF for hiring Millen, but mainly Millen.