001 - Draw Sharp

Audio split out from the press conference yesterday of Rodriguez addressing questions from Dave Birkett of AnnArbor.com and Drew Sharp regarding the recruitment of Demar Dorsey:

* Signing Day Rundown


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  2. Pat Caputo was making a big deal last night on 97.1 about how poorly he thought Coach Rod handled these question. Sounds like Coach Rod handled them just fine to me. On the other hand, this is the most despicable piece of writing I’ve ever seen in any newspaper (from Drew Sharp’s column in today’s Freep):

    You have fans who don’t know the name of the boy their daughter is dating, but they can reflexively recite the names and statistics of the top three defensive backs U-M is recruiting.

    And we wonder why so many of these 18-year-olds inevitably choke on their egos and immaturity, becoming embarrassments to themselves and the institutions they represent.

    I wish I had a snide remark, but, to paraphrase John Bacon’s political paraphrasing, there’s no need to take away the gun while Drew is busy firing bullets into his own foot.

  3. Birkett is just as much of a turd as Sharp is. When M gets back to 8-10 wins per season I wonder what kind of crap they’ll try to dig up then. I hope the day comes when RR quits answering their loaded questions.

  4. I really wish Coach had just said, “He was acquitted of one charge, and the other charge was dismissed. There’s nothing to see here.” That would have killed the questions. I know his (Rodriguez) heart was in the right place and he was trying to say the right thing, but that’s all he had to say.

  5. First of all, Pat Caputo was the idiot who once said he would rather have Charlie Batch than Peyton Manning as the Lions QB. And don’t worry if you’re tired of all the shoddy reporting from The Free Press and Detroit News. Those papers will shut down soon enough because they’re really, really amateurish papers with a myopic view of the world (they may both have the worst business sections I’ve ever read).

    I live in Pittsburgh now and while they don’t talk about my favorite teams, their sports talk radio hosts are so much better in terms of intelligence and perspective than the audio vomit I used to listen to in Detroit. When the whole practice thing came out and Detroit’s finest (I exclude those like The Angel of course, Wojo, Eric Lacy and Dave Dye) were stroking themselves over the story, the Pittsburgh sports guys were dismissing the whole thing as a non-story and were surprised that people would honestly think teams only practice 20 hours a week.

  6. Now we know why Carr was a jerk to the media and why Fort Schembechler was called Fort Schembechler. My jury is still out on RR but one thing is for certain, he needs to be less forthcoming with these idiots who dare call themselves journalists.