15. February 2008 · Comments Off on Rodriguez radio blitz Part II: WTKA 2/15 (full audio) · Categories: Archive 2008, Coach Rod, Recruits, WTKA 1050AM

More Rodriguez, this time on WTKA today.

Pretty good quote on Tiller situation. Rodriguez said he “didn’t get the memo” regarding the gentleman’s agreement not to recruit committed guys. “We had to recruit Sam McGuffie until 9 o’clock that night because my good buddy Jeff Tedford at Cal was working him pretty good…I’m not mad at Jeff about it. That’s the business.” And he again confessed there’s no wizard hat nor is there snake oil.

Also, he didn’t rule out having a night game. As far as the Spring game, he wants to have it April 12th and Ford Field is not an option. He did mention EMU’s Rynearson stadium is being discussed. (take: would love to have it there)

And in case you missed it, check out mgoblog’s post on the stealth open football try-outs for Michigan students held at Schembechler Hall this week. Very good stuff.

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