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Interesting takes and insight from Sam Webb on WTKA this morning on the news yesterday afternoon that Justin (JT) Turner requested and was granted his release:

  • Webb says Turner spoke to his mom about the decision but not to other members of the family, some based here in Michigan.  They are coming up to talk to him and "see what was on his mind" including discussing "even up to and including whether or not he would entertain the thought of going back.."
  • Webb said the decision to leave came "a couple days ago."
  • Sam’s opinion – he doesn’t think it’s likely that he’ll decide to return to the team; not clear if he wants to.
  • Sam indicated (not sure if this is confirmed) that Turner was likely one of the "handful" of guys that Rodriguez cited on Monday for not being in shape, and advised that JT was lining up with the third stringers.
  • Webb and Ira scolded the fans on Facebook and elsewhere who are attacking Turner.  Seconded.  Like I said yesterday, save the "good riddance" crap.

Audio from early this morning:

    When I heard RichRod note the handful guys that didn’t show up in shape on Monday, my first reaction was to think, man, bad move.   It’s never a good thing to show up out of shape, but in light of the practicegate sanctions and the pressure on Rodriguez, I’m guessing the coaches absolutely blew a gasket at the guys who weren’t ready.  I’m guessing Turner was blasted pretty hard and went JetBlue.


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