1. The problem is a bad defensive. I'm a Syracuse grad. I was student when he coached there. Get rid of him. Live and learn.

  2. Greg, was it you that predicted 6-6 (in Hail to the Victors 2010) with Fred Jackson finishing the year as coach in the Little Ceaser's bowl? Well unless we beat Illinois and Purdue (no way we beat Penn State in a night game) it looks like you will be right on the money.

    • Greg from MVictors

      It was. Still hoping I'm wrong. Maybe I win something? A hearty backslap from B Cook perhaps.

      • if you're right we should save our slaps for bill martin. seriously, who do fans think this miracle coach is that will save our program? i do wonder if dave brandon was the a.d. during the last coaching search would he have chosen rich rod.

      • No, RichRod would not be here….Mr. Harbaugh who played his HS ball about 400 feet from the Big House and his big boy college ball in the Big House and 15 years in the NFL and is one of the great young coaches in Div. One right now would be on the Western Sideline in the Big House right now….Too bad Lloyd still remembered that Jim was critical of UofM admissions and made it clear he would not be the next coach….same with Les….another great Michigan Man who spent many years in AA in the program….

      • I'll drink to that!