SALINE, MICHIGAN Here on the morning of the biggest game that will probably ever involve Michigan, I see a few different ways this thing will play out. A lot of people have speculated on what the impact of Bo’s passing will be, most say it won’t have much given that the players already knew how much was on the line in the game…weeks ago. So given you are reading the words of the worst blognosticator in the history of nerdkind, I’ll offer up a few scenarios, none of which will come to fruition now:

1. Michigan Players are Gripping. In this scenario, with the loss of Bo and Coach Carr’s words weighing heavy, and all the great things that went along with this season’s revival, and the promise of national championship on the door, the Michigan players try to make too much happen. The defense over-pursuing, dropped punts, dropped passes, passes sailing over players’ heads. Michigan gets it together in the second half to too little, too late. Ohio State wins 28-17.

2. Michigan Defense As Advertised. One of the X-factors here. It is really tough to say how Michigan’s defense which has flat-out dominiated all year will fare. Troy Smith is thrown off his game and has a good but not great game. If the D gets it done Michigan pulls away 24-14.

3. Troy Smith Too Much. This has to worry you the most as an Michigan fan. While 2005 seems a long ways away right now, you have to think this will be a close one and T. Smith will have the ball in his hands at the end. He’s done it so many times and performed all season. Ohio State scores late, takes the title 27-24.

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