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ESPN college beat writer Mark Schlabach dialed up the Colin Cowherd show (with guest host Doug Gottlieb filling in) to discuss the NCAA’s visit to Morgantown.  Schlabach admits he doesn’t know much, but assumes that the “NCAA is trying to show that this wasn’t a one time deal; that this was a system that was put in place that started at West Virginia.”

Schlabach suggested it should be interesting to see how West Virginia reacts, adding, “you don’t want the NCAA looking into your books but at the same time I don’t think West Virginia people will go out of their way to protect Rich Rodriguez.”

Gottlieb clearly thinks the allegations (of too many coaches/too many hours) are a joke, quote: “Really?  Really?  This is the stupidest dog and pony show by the NCAA EVER.   Go after the real criminals in college sports.”

Here’s the audio (taken from my phone while driving in my car…not too bad!):

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