Rumor, gossip, unsubstantiated but it’s Friday night, right?  Word on the street is that Detroit sports radio station WDFN 1130AM may have won over the Clear Channel corporate brass that called for the clean-out of local radio shows back in January 2009.  If you recall, they wiped Sean Baligian, Matt Shepherd and the iconic Stoney and Wojo show from the schedule, prompting this piece of Photoshop gold:


Stoney recently filled in for Mitch Albom on WJR and we know Wojo (above, eating something) is still around.  If true, could they be tapping the duo to return before football season?

Take: Beyond that this is purely scuttlebutt, I doubt Clear Channel would go back to these guys unless they were able to negotiate a compromise on pay.  Stoney was jokingly known as the show’s “franchise”, hinting that he probably made a nice paycheck.  We’ll see.


  1. I’d like Stoney & Wojo to replace Paaaaaa Capuuuuuto on 97.1. That dude is boring, K?

  2. it’s too bad they this to the radio station, Clear Channel had a good radio radio station, but now I doubt if anyone will llisten. I wish Sean all the luck in th world, but the time slot for him is terrible, especially now that drew and Mike are back together.
    Clear channel had every opportunity to help solve the stations number one complaint …. The signal quality is terrible, a few years ago when they took over 106.7 FM gee WTF where they thinking, I don’t know, it’s changed formats so many times I can’t keep track.
    Another lost opportunity for clear channel.
    Seems like they all blamed Stoney and Wojo’s salary, *especially with all the good all the broadcasters have done for the community with all the fund raisers and contributors have done) when actually it was Clear Channels demise of another great idea gone bad. Perhaps if the owners gave a dam of listening to the station, and perhaps reading the message boards they would have done something about it, but then again perhaps the signal was too weak for them to give a damm.
    I just tuned into 106.7 fm gee what a surprise, it’s Urbain music channel, hmm don’t we have enough of those stations in Detroit to cater to … AM 1200, 92.3 FM 95.5, 97.9 , 102.7 , 104.3 with all the motown music it plays, 105.9, 107.5 that’s only in Detroit, there are more stations in other markets that can be received as well, seems kind of a waste to have such duplication of music and programming to one type of race, wouldn’t you say?
    It’s funny how none of the other stations, in Detroit that they own took took the on air broadcasters off the air, seems rather suspicious, especially on the day Obama took office.
    It’s hard pressed to say I don’t think there was a radio station that was giving and serving to it’s community as what they had before Jan 20 2009.