An interesting nugget this evening on WTKA as Brian Cook of mgoblog was on for an hour (audio’s not up yet).   One of Cook’s insiders revealed that Rodriguez met with Steve Threet and basically told him he’s decided frosh Tate Forcier (pronunciation guide) is getting all the snaps this spring.    Thus Threet bolted.   If this was posted on mgoblog I missed it (and maybe the info wasn’t solid enough to post).

If true, it certainly explains the timing of Threet’s heated exit, a few weeks before spring practice where he could have practiced and competed and then, if he thought things weren’t looking good, left.    It was puzzling to me why he didn’t at least go that far.  I figured something was up between he and Rodriguez.

Beyond that you can take this a few different ways.   Most of you assume Rodriguez knows what he’s doing and if nothing else, at least knows what he wants.   It could mean Forcier is what he wants, that Threet isn’t going to cut it, or a little of both.    Again, if true, the cynics would question why/how Rodriguez could put all these chips on the table without actually seeing the kid throw a pass with a winged helmet on his skull.

Maybe it’s Rodriguez being a super nice guy, giving Threet the straight poop and doing what’s best for the kid (if he’s so sure).

From my seat in the virtual stands, I guess the whole thing would still make more sense  if he’d of held off on that conversation until after spring drills–even if Rodriguez is 99% sure things aren’t going to work out with Threet.

P.S. – Cook is doing a great job on WTKA – he again sat in for an hour with JUB‘s Big Show.

Update: Brian Cook on 2/26 addressed this on mgoblog:

Some clarification: I’ve heard this from a few different people, all of them on the Threet side of things. I didn’t post anything on it because it didn’t seem quite strong enough, but when I was LIVE it just sort of came out and there it is. The details are still fuzzy but Threet clearly felt he was not going to have a full opportunity to win the job and, not wanting to be David Cone, decided to go elsewhere.

It’s a risk on Rodriguez’s part to be sure; the upside is that Forcier gets all the snaps and will be as ready as he possibly can be when Western Michigan rolls into town. Which may not be particularly ready, but he’s all we’ve got.

I don’t doubt there was some sort of discussion (I hope so) and perhaps it didn’t set well with Threet.  I really doubt Rodriguez said anything as approaching ‘no snaps for you, steve’.  But that’s why this is scuttlebutt, and no the straight dope.


  1. I don’t have a problem with Coach Rod telling Threet when he did – maybe he just wanted to challenge Threet, make him fight for the starting job. Coach Rod’s been saying all along that they need competition at the QB position and I guess Threet didn’t feel up to the challenge. I wish him well.

  2. I suppose I should qualify my post by saying I don’t have a problem if what MVictors said Brian said is true. There’s certainly a lot of heresay in this mess.

  3. El Caballo de Sangre

    My goodness, that’s a stupid comment. Let’s walk through your logic, Lew (assuming, as you seem to be, that the info from Brian is correct): RichRod tells Threet he will get no 1st-team snaps this Spring, which means that his chance to be RichRod’s starting QB (barring injury, etc.) has come and gone. Threet decides he doesn’t want to stay with a program that won’t give him a chance to compete for the starting job and transfers. Ergo, Threet doesn’t want to compete for the starting job.

  4. Caballo, you’ve assumed away the whole point arguing that no 1st-team snaps this spring = no chance to be the starting QB this fall. Brilliant.

  5. firerichrodriguez

    the guy loses QB’s literally faster then he can bring them in. this totally goes against things RR has said in the past about “how the best players play” and who shows up to practice. the guy is a joke fire him already. he’s a bigger flip flopper then John Kerry.