17. April 2008 · 1 comment · Categories: Tickets

1909 Season “Foot Ball” Pass

In the mail today.

A little less clutter in the envelope than usual, just the application ($375 per seat), an ad for their new radio device from live sports radio and a promotion for the 2008 student t-shirt from the mden*. Renewal deadline is May 16, 2008.

The letter to season ticket holders takes some time to talk about the changes to the stadium to support fans with mobility impairments. My regular tickets are just out of the range of rows they removed for the new platforms; I’m curious as to where they put fans that were affected.

Re: the ear device….I’m not sure if this the same company as Earradio, the company that had the thing last season. Either way, I still wouldn’t get one, although this version looks a little slicker.

*Memo to M Den: How about an affiliate program for bloggers and the like? Goodness gracious.

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  1. They disrupted the maximum amount of fans that they could. My seats are in one of the sections that had rows removed, but my seats were over 30 rows away from the range and still, I was moved. I have had aisle seats for 16 years (and been moved the last time ADA issues came up) and now, I am stuck in the middle of a row.