Came in my mail today, always a great day each summer. My wife brought in the mail and I spotted that brownish yellow envelope from across the room.

There’s nothing special about the artwork on the tickets, which you may have already seen on’s ad for single ticket sales. Each ticket has the opponent’s logo along with the same shot of the stadium and field. One exception is the one designated ‘Maize Out’ game (Wisconsin), which features a shot of the student section donned in Maize gear.

One change to the tickets themselves: they’ve added a recommended gate number alongside section, row and seat, best I can tell the first time that’s been done.

Also within the ticket book is a notice to call the athletic department if you need wheelchair accessible seating in future seasons.


  1. Any luck on the “popcorn theory” over all othese years?

  2. Refresh my memory – the popcorn theory?

  3. Maybe he’s talking about the theory where Bobbby dropped pieces of popcorn when he and Greg and Peter visited that cave in the Vincent Price/Hawaii episode? Or maybe they changed the secret popcorn recipe over at the Big House. Whatever it is, don’t keep us in suspense any longer, man!

  4. The theory that over time seasontix holders would die or give up seats and at some point you would move around enough to get great seats.

  5. Andrew- Seat license fees killed that theory.