Yes, news is out that the current size of the Big House will shrink, at least until the renovation is complete in a few years. It’ll make Penn State’s Beaver Stadium the biggest for that period. Reaction:
– Glad the University came to an agreement with the Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of America and the US DOJ. I heard awful stories about some of the issues with access for fans with disabilities at the stadium and I’m glad something was done.
– While I like the distinction of having the stadium with the largest capacity, I realize we can’t keep up the arms race forever.
– I’m begging for a Les Miles backer to declare “Thanks for nothing, Rodriguez”.


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  2. I have to disagree when it comes to the stadium arms race. Not only can UM win the race, it should. It’s still very easy to add an upper tier in each end zone, and “Monster seats” — like those on top of the Green Monster in Fenway Park — could easily be added on the roof of each tower, and could easily fetch serious $ for premium seating.

    If we’re not “The Biggest House,” then we’re not “The Big House.” It’s a Michigan birthright to have the biggest stadium. Let’s not de-emphasize football, let’s RE-EMPHASIZE IT!

  3. I understand Jeff, but if for instance Texas A&M goes to 110,000 in 2010, what would you recommend? Stop everything and adjust plans to add those tiers?

  4. When this expansion was first announced, the initial plan was to add the upper tier in one end zone, assumed to be the south end zone. The administration later scuttled the upper deck in the end zone, probably waiting for another administration to deal with the headaches of overcoming the complaints of the numerous handwringers who say that stadium expansion is a bad thing.

    Academics tried to make the “football portrays university life as a Roman Holiday” argument as early as the Roaring 20’s. Be honest with yourself. In what way has having the nation’s largest stadium ever harmed the university? Answer: None at all. In fact, Michigan Stadium has been an iconic asset.

    It’s this simple: It doesn’t have to be immediate. It could even wait, say, 5 years, 10 at the most. But the fact is that it’s high time to put on at least one upper deck. Do that, and there isn’t a school in the land that will go much higher.

    BTW, the proposed expansion of Texas A&M’s Kyle Field to 115,000 seats has no timetable. It was thrown out there as a possibility, but nothing has been done about it, and unless there’s a serious hugh and cry from the A&M community, nothing will be done about it.

  5. Jeff, I don’t think you’ll find many folks debating the value of the Stadium on this blog, nor does anyone really want to see the stadium drop its status as the biggest. The question is to what extent to we need to go to keep that status. I’ll support the effort to keep it #1 but I’m not going to get worked up over it.