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I bumped into Ricky Leach last night when he was up at WTKA last night signing photo of he and Bo taken following the 1978 win over the Buckeyes.

Last week on air Leach promised anyone who donated $50+ to Debbie Williams-Hoak’s Magic of Christmas campaign that they’d receive a personalized copy from Old #7 and he obviously came through.   Here’s what he put on mine:

Photo Dec 10, 6 59 06 PMMajor props to Ira, Sam and the folks at WTKA for once again posting a record-breaking number of kids “adopted”..and hats off to saint Debbie for all she does in driving this great program.


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  1. After seeing Devin Gardner play lights-out against Ohio State — while being injured, no less — I’m holding out hope that DG will have a Leach-esque senior season. That era, from 1976 through 1978, stands as one of the most memorable times in the “modern” era of Michigan football.