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A nice read in the Daily Orange, the Syracuse campus newspaper, on former M defensive coordinator Scott Shafer.  He sheds a tiny ray of light on what he thinks went wrong and points to issues with compatibility with Rodriguez’s staff, not a surprise:

Shafer resigned soon after the season, and he has been public about the philosophical differences he and Rodriguez had during the 2008 season.

"I took the job for all the wrong reasons," Shafer said. "I took it because it was Michigan, it was the Big House, the tradition. All great reasons. But at the end of the day, it’s got to be a good fit for you as a coach, and the guys you’re working with on a daily basis."

After Michigan, Shafer knew he had to change his approach in looking for a new job. As he spent the holidays with his family and went about picking his next destination, he put a much larger emphasis on compatibility within a coaching staff.

A soft jab at the current gang in Ann Arbor perhaps.  But then, building on the compatibility issue, Shafer said this about his new coaching staff:

"Philosophically, things have meshed well so far," Shafer said. "More importantly, it’s fun to go to work with these guys. We’ve got guys who are fun to work with, they’re on the same page, they’re high-character, good family men. Good husbands, good parents. So I’m really enjoying the job."

Take that for what you like, but it’s hard not to read that as a shot on Rodriguez and gang.  If nothing else it’s clear that Shafer was pretty miserable and I don’t think it violates his contractual silence per the terms of his Michigan severance package, ha-ha.

As an aside, what’s the competition like for the sports writer positions at the Daily Orange and the local campus sports local radio show?  The list of alums from the ‘Cuse in the business is ridiculous. 

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