After numerous motions and delays, a judge has thrown out the case of former Michigan hockey player and coach, NHL’er and WTKA 1050AM morning host Dave Shand against U-M athletic director Bill Martin.

Shand claimed he was wrongfully terminated in April 2007 from WTKA at the order of Martin, who, they argued, pressured station brass to remove the outspoken host.   The gist of the complaint:

20. On April 19, 2007, Martin communicated both indirectly and directly with [WTKA station brass] Bolak and Cowen, and informed them that he would not allow WTKA to participate in a planned coverage of a UM charity golf event if they permitted plaintiff to broadcast it.
21. Martin further indicated that he wanted the station to fire the plaintiff, and stated that if they did not, he would no longer allow WTKA to carry University of Michigan football games.

It appears as though Shand’s team was never able to present smoking gun evidence of Martin’s direct involvement in the firing. 

Shand’s attorney Nick Roumel explained via email, “Some of our evidence was hearsay because we never actually had anyone who heard Martin himself make the statements we alleged he said.  We argued that the hearsay was nonetheless admissible under certain hearsay exceptions.”

Roumel added, “I’m proud of Dave for standing up for his rights.”

We know Martin is moving on next year; here’s hoping Shand decides to get back on the radio or in some other form of media down the road.   Dave’s currently an attorney at Lahn, Hall and Shand in Saline.

* Concept of ‘Michigan Man’ remains with alum – 2006 Michigan Daily piece on Shand
* Exclusive: Dave Shand Responds to Questions


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  2. I believe Dave was wrongfully terminated and it’s too bad the judge tossed the case out. I also hope he’s back on the air soon, and it’s time for Martin to move on.

  3. When Martin leaves, will Shand be allowed back on the air at WTKA? And since the case has been tossed out, would he be willing to do a guest column on this site? I would love to hear his honest take on what’s happening with Michigan sports (both good and bad). With Shand you have a true blue Michigan man who loves the school but is not afraid to criticize it if things seem amiss. Speaking of which, will people PLEASE stop calling for the firing of Mary Sue Coleman because the football team is struggling? She is the president of the school, not the athletic department, and as much as I love Michigan athletics, I will always place its academics first (class of ’92) and she has done a pretty good job in that regard.

  4. A disturbing look the last few days into Bill Martin the person and the abuse of his position and power. Getting a guy fired and assaulting students. So much for character and integrity being important to those in positions of leadership at the University.

  5. As a lawyer, Dave should know, if you let your mouth run over enough people sooner or later your going to have to own up. Hard to see how a “michigan man” would try to blame someone else for the consequences of his own actions.

  6. Lots of allegations with NO PROOF = Shand loses. No surprise at all. Shand appears to be the least successful UM Law graduate in history. Perhaps because devotes so much time to blaming everyone else for his failures. What a gasbag.

  7. I see Martin’s ouster as overdue vindication for Dave, and kudos to Dave’s attorney for working out this compromise. Certainly new A.D. Brandon will take note and not be as personally vengeful as Martin was alleged to be. Can we have Dave back on the air now?

  8. “Martin’s ouster?” You must reside on the same planet as those who assert that Lloyd Carr was fired. Carr retired of his own free will, and the same is the case with Bill Martin. He made it clear when he initially took the job that it was not his intention to stay in the job forever, and he kept his word on that. That’s not to say that certain aspects of Martin’s performance can’t be criticized, but you’re delusional if you really think he was forced out.

    As for Shand, I listened to him virtually every morning on WTKA from the time he started to the time he was let go, that is until I got tired of hearing him repeat the same goddamn stories about himself over and over and over again. He was continually late, which meant other studio guys had to cover for him until he could drag his ass into the studio, and on top of everything else he relentlessly mocked his own boss live, on-air. That alone will get most people fired. He can be a funny guy in limited doses, but he isn’t interested in controlling what comes out of his pie hole. That eventually will get you in hot water in the radio biz.

  9. Don, I reside on the same planet as you and everyone else who has an opinion on U-M sports, which seem to cover the entire spectrum these days. Sure Lloyd left on his own, though I wish he could be convinced to come back to help repair Martin’s damage. Shand’s perceptive, honest and outspoken commentary would also help show the way back to the integrity and stability we all want. I would like to hear him back on WTKA radio.

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  11. Meseret Hailu

    Don? I don’t blame you for your stunned silence. Don’t worry…things can only get better.